Our Process

Our Process

All of Second Life Bottles are handmade from discarded wine, beer and other glass containers. 

We hand cut all of our bottles using a score and then thermal shock method and then hand sand and bevel the glass to create a smooth non-jagged edging.


The bottles are scored using a carbide wheel in a specially designed bottle cutting jig. The jig allows us great flexibility in where we can score the bottle ready for the thermal shock.


Thermal Shock

We use a method called Thermal Shock which uses a combination of heating the scoreline and then cooling the scoreline. The process causes the glass to expand under heat, expanding the scoreline, and then contract under cooling, causing the scoreline to come under strain and then eventually break.


Sanding and Polishing

We then hand sand the top of every glass to produce an even, flat surface ( to avoid cutting your fingers if you run your hand over the rim!). The inside and outside of the glass is then bevelled to produce a round edge, suitable for drinking.


The End Product

Our end product is now a perfectly safe unique, up-cycled and recycled glass container that is able to be used in a variety of uses.

When purchasing a candle you are not only getting a unique glass container you are also receiving a drinking glass once the candle has come to the end of its useful life. Just wash out with hot soapy water and put the container in the cupboard to be used as a unique, up-cycled, recycled drinking glass or tumbler.